Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our October Wedding Reception In Cali 2008

Here are our "Wedding" Pictures. We only have a few pictures from our Actual Wedding Date of July 25th 2008, so these Pictures from October will make up for what we didnt have on our Special Day. My dad Donal Pearce is a photographer and he took all our pictures. Check out his website

First blog

Well its time for us to start blogging since most people are doing it these days and we like to go with the flow. Where it all began... Me and Andy met on an LDS chating website June 19 2008. We immideatly hit it off and exchanged phone numbers. (I dont recommend anyone to do this, I just felt comfortable with it.) We talked for like 4 hours that night and every day after that we talked ALL day and ALL night, needless to say we both didnt get ANY sleep. We started to feel really comfortable with the Idea with meeting in person a couple weeks later. So on July 3rd I picked Andy up for the airport and almost like it were in a movie we embraced each other and shared a short kiss on the side walk out side the airport. It felt so good to see each other in person. Even tho we only talked for a couple weeks or so, everything was just feeling right. I dont know how that is possibly to get so lucky, but WE were so lucky to have found each other. Long Story short... Andy went home a couple days later and we were missing each other like crazy so he booked another flight our for 11 days later which he was back on July 18th 2008. As we approched my car after walking out of the airport, he proposed to me with the most BEAUTIFUL ring I could ever imagine to be mine. I said YES! And then July 20th we flew back to Utah so I can meet his family... We originally Planned to get married October 18th 2008, but after we discussed it and put deep thought into it, we decided to Elope that week. So after only being in Utah with him for a few days we Made the appointment with the Judge the morning of July 25th and we were married around 3 o' clock at the Matheson Court House in Salt Lake City Utah. We have been married going on 9 months now, and through our ups and downs we are really happy and wouldnt ever regret our decision to do anthing any different. We found each other at the perfect time in both of our lifes. I wouldnt have it anyother way.